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Powerful Stacks for RapidWeaver

At Nick Cates Design you’ll find a highly functional and well tailored stacks to suit specific site needs. New to Stacks? The Stacks plugin for RapidWeaver is an indispensable tool for quickly creating responsive layouts and advanced site functionality. All of our stacks require the Stacks plugin to operate. Here’s just a few of our customer favorite stacks...

SuperFlex. Create Epic Slideshows.

From images and video, to maps and hero banners, the SuperFlex "Media Type" slide architecture allows you to slide virtually anything with purpose built control. Quickly generate thumbnails automatically from slide images, or create your thumbnails from custom images. Other power features include remote folder support, extensive caption and style controls, and import ability into designated theme areas. Learn more about SuperFlex.

Rails. Instant One-Page Layouts.

Rails streamlines one page content design, adding control and context with a navigation list to swiftly move between sections. On mobile devices, the navigation list is hidden for uninterrupted swipe down behavior. Customize Rails with over 500 navigation icons, diverse animated transitions, and perfect your layout exhaustive formatting and color controls. Create perfect one page layouts, in any theme, and keeps scrolling down a single page - refreshing easy. Learn more about Rails.

Light Page. Thumbnails to Full Pages.

With Light Page, you create multiple pages linked to thumbnails. When you preview or publish, a thumbnail overview page is automatically generated. Maintaining a cohesive design and editing a whole online store or portfolio will be easier and faster than ever. No more waiting for pages to load. Light Pages are loaded in the background while viewing the thumbnail overview page, allowing visitors to browse between pages with zero load time. Learn more about Light Page.