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Built-in Page Types


The Blog plugin allows you to manage a collection of blog entries; recording personal events, thoughts, ideas and more. Audio and video files can also be added to blog entries to create Podcasts – all of which can be syndicated using RSS feeds.

Styled Text

The Styled Text page type is the most widely-used RapidWeaver plugin. Styled Text pages allow you to easily stylise content such as text, images and movies without requiring any knowledge of HTML.


The Markdown plugin, introduced in RapidWeaver 6, allows you to write using an easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format, called Markdown. Markdown is converted flawlessly to HTML when your project is published.

Photo Album

Publish photos straight from your Mac with the Photo Album plugin. RapidWeaver makes it easy to build galleries of your favorite images, as well as being able to browse and share albums from iPhoto.

Contact Form

The Contact Form plugin lets visitors send you messages and attachments using an easy-to-use form. Contact forms are highly customizable with a number of options available.

File Sharing

The File Sharing page type allows you to easily share files, URLs and other documents with visitors to your website. You can link to either files on your hard drive or located elsewhere online. Linked files on your hard drive will be copied and uploaded when publishing your project.


Use Offsite pages to direct visitors to external URLs from either a navigation button or link on your website, rather than showing the external URLs content inside an iFrame on your own site. This is useful if you have a page that isn’t created in RapidWeaver, such as Twitter page, an affiliate, or another external website to which you want to direct your visitors to from the navigation menu.

Site Map

Sitemaps can be incredibly useful in larger website, allowing users to browse an entire list of content and pages on the site. A Sitemap page links to all pages in your project, except for those that you choose to not show in the site's navigation menu.